Mapping Evil with Mike King

The Route of all Evil

February 28, 2021

When profiling evil, what lessons can we learn? How can exploring the macabre crimes of Robert Ben Rhoades - the infamous Truck Stop Killer - help law enforcement officials half a world away? Join Mike King and Tory Shepherd as they peel back the layers of the investigation into one of the USA's most prolific serial sexual sadists.

Peek into the workings of a truly evil mind and learn more about the police tactics that eventually brought Rhoades to justice. Hear how the same science used to build a profile of a predator could unravel one of the most enduring mysteries behind Australia's own highway of death - the Flinders Highway.

Mike King brings an answer to the question of whether this long strip of road is indeed the killing fields of a serial predator or something even more frightening.

"It was like reading a very familiar novel. And I remember we said, if she was shot in the head with a .25 calibre gun, we know who your killer is. And the deputy's jaw dropped."

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